The holidays are here! It’s a festive time of year filled with fun, family & celebrations! The holidays can also bring  stress and far too much rich and unhealthy food! Tuck these 5 tips under your belt to help ease the stress & potential weight gain!

  1. Everything in moderation!No one says you shouldn’t enjoy yourself…. but don’t over do it or your health, and your waist and, won’t be happy! So enjoy that eggnog during the holidays… but don’t also have the chips & dips, pies, and heavy meats. Throw some veggies and fruits onto your plate so you aren’t tempted to eat ONLY the junk food, just a taste!
  2. Water, water, water!!Sometimes we forget how essential staying hydrated can really be! Water helps to flush out toxins, aids in better sleep, digestion, clearer skin, and more! Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go and drink up!
  3. Wash your hands frequently! Weare more susceptible to getting sick when we’re dehydrated, have lack of regular sunshine (aka- vitamin D!!) and forget to wash our hands often enough, which can help avoid spreading germs.
  4. Get enough sleep! I know, there’s bills to pay, presents to buy, parties to throw and/or attend, deadlines to meet… It can all be overwhelming! Your head may be spinning but if you don’t get enough rest, your body will not get the proper time it needs to repair and recuperate. Sleep is a precious commodity, so turn off your cell phones, computers and tv’s and get some sleep!! (At least 7-8 hours is ideal, in case you’re wondering!)
  5. Don’t forget to get adjusted! Chiropractic is NOT just for pain, it helps to keep your body moving and functioning well, and most importantly it boosts your immune system naturally by making sure all the connections inside of you are communicating properly! So you may be busy, it may be difficult to make it over to the office, but we will do our best to flex to your schedule! Don’t neglect your body!

Enjoy this holiday season knowing you now have the simple tools to stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you during this fun and festive months!

Wishing you and your family a happy & healthy holiday season!

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