The cornerstone of treatments by a chiropractor are called “adjustments”; painless procedures that restore the normal function of your joints and to provide pain relief.  Numerous scientific studies have shown the efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments – also known as chiropractic manipulation.  Treatments by Chiropractors have been given one of the highest ratings for the treatment of low back pain by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Patients who see Chiropractors have been shown by studies to have a reduction in pain, and increase in over all well-being, and have a better quality of life.  Further studies have shown a large reduction in use of medications and hospital visits.  Regular chiropractic care has provided many patients with a lower cost and minimally invasive care to fix their issue, not mask their symptoms.

Check out below our new video showing how Dr Wood performs his Chiropractic Manual Adjustments.

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